The story of Glith, Bink, Sar, and the Devil Gholgathganoon

The amphibious race of humanoids known as the Children of Dagon, have lived beneath the waves and earth for many years. They know little of the surface, save that the bright rays of the sun are repulsive. They have carved out a society for themselves beneath the ground of a large island among the Scouling Islands. Here they worship their god Dagon and follow their Priests and other religious leaders. Most of all they follow the chosen of Dagon the Kopru, a race of water dwelling aberrations that control with powers of the mind and the ability to raise the dead (both gifts believed to be given by Dagon). The Children of Dagon both fear and respect the Kopru, but not as much as they fear the lord of the Sea Dagon.

The Story of Glith, Bink, Sar, and the Devil Gholgathganoon.
As scouts for a group of the Children of Dagon, these three friends where in constant fear of their masters the mind controlling Kopru. However, they feared (as everyone in their tribe did) the devil Gholgathganoon even more.Malebranche.jpg
It was said among the Children of Dagon that the devil would often capture their people to use in strange tortures and even as food! One day (they think it was day for this is the underdark after all!) the Kopru masters sent Glith, Bink and Sar out in search of food and components for spells. As the three friends lazed about a small pool trying to catch blind fish, they heard a strange voice from behind a pile of rocks.
“It seems I have caught 3 blind fish myself, he he ha ha,” and out from behind the rocks jumped the fearsome devil Gholgathganoon. He quickly captured the 3 friends and took them to his home where they even now await their fates of food or torture. These 3 friends would give anything to no longer be the 3 blind fish, at the whim of Gholgathganoon.

The Izula tribe found their way into Gholgathganoons lair and freed on the the three friends and with a display of great magical power, Izul banished the demon Gholgathganoon back to his plan of exsistance.

Children of Dagon (Troglodyte)

The story of Glith, Bink, Sar, and the Devil Gholgathganoon

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