Arelaine Players Handbook Races

Arelaine Players Hand Book

Races of the Regions

-each region will have a brief description of the races that commonly occupy that region as well as the DND equivalent races.

Region 1- Baelian Empire
All of the races native to the Baelian empire are Caucasian and are diverse in height, weight, eye and hair color. Each state within the empire has its own version of common language.
+Scoulers/Scouling Islanders-Scoulers are generally a stout race of people with dark hair and eyes. They speak their own version of common
DND equivalent= Half-Orc.
+Elainians- DND equivalent= Hill Dwarf.
+Baelians and the other states- DND equivalent=Human.
Each state has its own version of common, Elainian common, Baelian Common, Fowmiir common, and Reveno common.

+Ogre- due to the presence of giants and giant races throughout the Baelian Empire in ages past, a new race has emerged. They are somewhat larger than their common counterparts but in every other way resemble those whom are native to each state. An Ogre in Elail will be in every way an Elainian except in size. They may mate with humans and reproduce, having about a 50/50 chance of producing an Ogre offspring. These people are not refered to as ogres they just may have the stats of Ogres in terms of DND

Common Classes in The Baelian Empire include druid, barbarian, cleric, fighter, bard, rogue, ranger and paladin
Uncommon Classes include- wizard, monk, sorcerer, and warlock

Region 2- Yeg
The peoples of Yeg generally tend to be slender, and have a dark reddish skin tone. They are unlike many other races in that they almost always have dark brown or black hair.
DND Equivalent= Halflings (both lightfoot and stout varieties) and have thier abilities. Those speaking Yeg are considered to know halfling.

+Goblin- some Yegians may also resemble the stats of goblins but in every other way remain and appear as normal Yegians

Common Classes- druid, monk, fighter, rogue and wizard
Uncommon Classes- barbarian, ranger, sorcerer, cleric, warlock, bard

Region 3- Kouniga
The Kouniga people are generally caucasian in appearance having a variety of skin tones and hair colors.
DND Equivalent They are= Wood Elves or Forest Gnomes and are considered to speak elvish (known as Kounigan).

+ Another Kounigan race is similar to the orc in all but appearance. These people are nomadic in nature and form small tribes that seek only to serve themselves, they are seen and indeed are evil to all others in Kouniga.

Common Classes- Druid, ranger, fighter, barbarian, cleric, warlock
Uncommon Classes- Monk, paladin, sorcerer, wizard, bard, rogue

Region 4- Fuwnjara
DND Equivalent= Tiefling or Half Elf
They don’t speak infernal however, speaking instead their own verison of common. These people come in a variey of shapes and sizes but all native to Fuwnjara have a dark brown skin tone.

+Another race of Fuwnjara, but little known to the rest of the outside world are the Raksasa. Indeed, some even living within the borders of Fuwnjara might not even believe in the exsistance of this feline race outside myth and folklore.

Common Classes- Warlock, sorcerer, cleric, wizard, monk, rogue, bard
Uncommon Classes- druid, ranger, barbarian

Region 5- Basille
DND Equivalent= Drow or Half Elf
while many cultures exsist within Basille, all are considered to be Drow in terms of DND. They even share the dark black skin tone, though their hair and eye color may be different varieties. Speaking Basillian is considered Elvish.

+Basille is home to many strange sentient races, mostley unknown to the rest of the world, including ogres, gnolls, lizardfolk, and yuan-ti

Common Classes- all except monk
Uncommon Classes- monk

Region 6- Zirnalto
Zirnaltians DND Equivalent= Rock Gnomes
Zirnan DND Equivalent= Mountain Dwarf
Two distinct races occupy this region, The Caucasian Mt Dwarf types and the dark skinned Rock Gnome type. The Rock Gnome type are far more nomadic in nature and stay for the most part out of the cultural circle of the Mt Dwarf types. The Rock Gnomes are known as Zirnaltians and speak thier own type of common, while the caucasian Mt Dwarves are known as Zirnan and speak thier own type of common

+ while extinct throughout the rest of the world, their are still small tribes of Shoggol that live here.

Common Classes amung Zirnaltians- druids, rangers, barbarians, warlock, sorcerer.
Uncommon Classes among Zirnaltians- fighter, bard, wizard, cleric, rogue
Common Classes among Zirnan- cleric, mage, ranger, fighter, rogue
Uncommon Classes among Zirnan- monk, druids, barbarians, warlock and sorcerer

Region 7- Sirab
DND Equivalent= High Elf, Half Elf, or Human
the Sirab people range in skin color from light to dark, and thier hair color, eye color and size and shape are also very diverse.

+ Other races include Yuan-ti, Ogre, Lizardfolk, and Kopru

Common Classes include- cleric, druid, mage, warlock, sorcerer, paladin
Uncommon Classes- rogue, bard

Arelaine Players Handbook Races

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