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Baelian recognized deity/goddess
Goddess of War and Death
This diety is the embodiment of death and war. It is believed that she ushers the dying on the battlefield to the afterlife or condems them to damnation, based on their efforts in battle. She appears as a beautiful woman with pale ivory skin and gold and red hair. Many pray to her before they go into battle, she is also popular among clerics and healers whom are upon the battlefield.

Scouling Islands Diety
Worshiped by her tribe this woman became a diety as a result of being born with the gift of casting magical spells. She used these gifts for the prosperity of her tribe, and when she died her daughter took up the mantle using her skull and crushed bones in her worship. She represents protection of the tribe.
Divine Domain- Motherhood and Protection
Domain Spells
1 Bless, Shield of Faith
3 Prayer of Healing, Protection from Poison
5 Protection from Energy
7 Divination
9 Mass Cure Wounds
Bonus Prof- leather armor, hide armor,studded leather, scale mail, simple weapons, scimitar, net, blowgun
Protection Priest- you can increase your AC until the end of your next turn by 2. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your WIS modifier
between long rests
Channel Divinity- Mother’s Protection
use channel divinity to give you and any humanoid you choose within 25 feet of you to receive a 1d6 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn. Starting at 6th level can instead use channel divinity to resist bludgeon, pierce and slash damage until the end of your next turn.

World Deity
Rarely worshiped openly due to the sacrificial nature and evil overtones that come along with this god. It is believed Dagon created all the fish and ocean dwellers of the world, but when many other beasts and creatures evolved into races that dominated the land and air, dagon’s children remained beneath the earth and waves. Dagon demands the giving of precious metals and gems (and sometimes living sacrifice) to the ocean in exchange for prosperous fishing and the cooperation of the sea. It is believed that if a fisherman is doing to well he may be worshipping dagon in secret. Still others tell of a secret race of amphibious humanoids that dwell beneath the earth and sea waiting to seek dominance over those whom dwell in the daylight and land.
Divine Domain- Water/Ocean/Sea
Domain Spells- 1 Bless, Purify Food and Drink
3 Augury, Protection from Poison
5 Dispel Magic
7 Freedom of Movement
9 True Seeing
Bonus Prof- scale mail, studded leather, simple weapons, net, spear, blowgun
Water Breathing- you can add your WIS modifier to your CON modifier when determining how long you can hold your breath underwater. You can use this a number of times equal to your WIS modifier between long rests
Channel Divinity Water Breathing- Starting at 2nd level you can use your channel divinity to breath underwater for 1 hour, being underwater also imposes no penalty to movement or combat. You may also touch willing creatures and bestow this power upon them. You can touch up to half your WIS modifier in creatures (minimum 1) rounded down. Instead of this you may use the divinity to add 2 to your armor class or attack rolls until the end of your next turn
Summon Deep One- starting at level 20 you can summon Deep Ones with the use of a channel divinity. You may summon as many 3 HD Deep Ones as your WIS modifier. You must be within 1 mile of a body of water larger than half a mile in diameter or length. The Deep Ones must physically travel from the water to your location and will obey your commands, but will not willingly harm themselves. The Deep Ones will stay with you under your command until death or you dismiss them. You cannot have more than your WIS modifier in Deep Ones under your control at one time.

The Forest Hand (aka The Elk King)
Celestial (Scouling Islands only)
Many years ago a king of the tribe known as the Elk tribe, taught his people to be neutral in the ways of men and respect and worship the land and its animals. This tribe especially focused on the Elk on their island as a source of food, cloths, and many other tools in their everyday lives. Therefore, the tribe took on the title of the elk tribe, and its King the Elk King became a powerful druid and eventually becoming a celestial being still worshiped by many of the people of the Scouling Islands. Druids, and Clerics of nature especially follow this celestial being.
Divine Domain- Nature
Domain Spells-Cleric Level
1st Bless, Cure Wounds
3rd Protection from Poison, Spiritual Weapon
5th Beacon of Hope, Dispel Magic
7th Death Ward, Freedom of Movement
9th Commune, Insect Plague
Bonus Prof- shields
Disciple of Nature- whenever you restore Hit Points with a spell you add 1+your caster level to the hit points gained
Channel Divinity- use a channel divinity to form a natures ward. You cannot be charmed or frightened by elemental or fey creatures. You are also immune to poison and disease. This divinity effect lasts for one minute.
Supreme Healing- starting at 20th level maximize any die roll result you would have when using a spell to heal hit points

Arelaine Bible

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