Owls Egg

Approx 5mm in diameter and 10mm deep


Approx 5mm in diameter and 10mm deep
Months seen: Summer/Early Winter: Normally found on rotting wood and vegetable matter
Special features: fungi is often overlooked on account of its small size. It starts off as a yellowish, funnel-shaped growth. The top has a membrane which falls away to reveal the egg-shaped contents. These ‘eggs’, called ‘peridioles’, are containers for the spores, and they’re attached to the nest by a tiny thread. When raindrops land inside the cup they get knocked out, and the spores get dispersed.
found only in damp woodlands if the contents of the spores come in contact with fur or skin they can cause a deadly rash that can be fatal in a week if not treated. A bane for horses taken into the woods.
If injested they are fatal in 1 hour with the only symptoms being a headache.
DC 10 Nature check to notice
if touched causes a rash that causes a level of exhaustion per day unless treated with lesser restoration
if injested DC 15 CON save or death in one hour if death saves aren’t made
roll 1d4 for the # found/ each creates 1 vial of basic poison or if injested the above affect


Owls Egg

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