Arelaine Players Handbook Beasts and Fauna

Arelaine Players Hand Book

Beasts and Fauna

As always, as the world develops and evolves the beasts and fauna of each region may change.

Region 1- The Baelian Empire
+Common Plants- needle leaf evergreens, hemlock and northern spruce,apple,birch, cedar, maple, oak, and pine are common trees
dandellion, daisy, holly, rose, hyponac, lotus are common flowers
blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, gooseberry are common shrubs
crabgrass, devil’s thorn, razor leaf, skunk cabbage and may weed are common weeds
+Common Insects-Sleep Worm, ants,bees, beetles,flea,fly, horsefly,moth, maggots, and sliverfish
+Common fish/aquatic life- cod, hake, halibut, herring, makerel, and tuna ,Eel Cave Moray ,Orcae Whale, Giant (Shell) Squid,Turtle Giant Snapping
+Common Mammals/Beasts-duck, goose, hare, pheasent, turkey,small snakes, badger, bat, crow, muskrat, Goat, rats, racoons, Deer, Elk ,Boar, Vabic ,Norn , Brown Bear ,Cave Bear
+Common Other- Plekotine, Terror Dodo, Wholly Rhino, Otyugh, Winter Wolf, Melt Beetle, Hill Giant.
+Common Extinct- Shaggol, Fomorian, Northropi

Region 2- Yeg
+ Common Plants- Yeg hemlock, horsetail pine, cork oak are common trees
plum blossom, peony, lotus, and orchid are common flowers
cocklebur, clover, and crow garlic are common weeds
+ Common Insects- wasp, wood ants, scarab beetle, and praying mantis
+Common Fish/Aquatic- carp, squid, lobster, shark, manatee
+Common Mammals/Beasts- multiple species of primate and rodent, leopard, tiger, musk deer, Arctocyon
+Common Other- Ape (giant), Displacer Beast, great cats, kopru, lizard (giant), Snake (giant), otyugh, wyvren
+Common Extinct- Shaggol, Formorian, Northropi

Region 3- Kouniga

+Common Plants- cedar, spruce, elm and oak are common trees
blazing star, blue flax, lotus, blue sage, and marigold are common flowers
highbush cranberry, grapeholly, and ninebark are common shrubs
bird rape, bull thistle, and creeping yellow cess are common weeds
+Common insects- wasp, bee, beetle, horsefly, moth and bottle fly
+Common fish/aquatic- trout, pike, cod, hake, whale, and lobster
+Common Mammals/Beasts- Horse, deer, moose, bear, wolf,
+Common Other- Hill Giant, cockatrice, sleep worm, ankheg
+Common Extinct- Shoggol, Fomorian

Region 4- Fuwnjara

+Common Plants- jujube, coconut palm, cotton and temple are common trees
jeevak, aloe vera, orchid, and lotus are common flowers
golden rod, ivy, and nettle are common weeds
+Common Insects- ant, moth, grasshopper, and centipede
+Common Fish/Aquatic- fresh and moray eels, hammerhead shark, and herring
+Common Mammals/Beasts- great cats, norn, hog deer, rhino and elephants
+Common Other- Ape (giant), basilisk, chimera, rakshasa, snake (giant), spider (giant)

Region 5- Basille

+Common Plants- baobab, marula, knobthorn, mopane, and leadwood are common trees
sprawling duneweed, sea pumpkin, goats foot and blue squill are common flowers
spear grass, nutgrass, witchweed, and dayflower are common weeds
+Common Insects- all sorts of large versions and poison varieties
+Common Fish/Aquatic- eel, catfish, shark, and herring
+Common Mammals/Beasts- elephant, great cats, hyena, wyvren, snake (giant), spider (giant), primates, primates (giant), and many more exotic beasts
+Common Other- manticore, kopru, dodo, hydra, gnoll

Region 6- Zirnalto
+Common Plants-l ancewood, bendee, mulga, gidgee and brigalow are common trees
rose, orchid, lilly, daisy, and lotus are common flowers
alligator weed, fire weed, and lantana are common weeds
+Common Insects-all sorts of large versions and poison varieties
+Common Fish/Aquatic- shark, whale, smelt, cod and catfish
+Common Mammals/Beasts- koala, kangaroo, and wallaby
+Common Other- basilisk, behir, kopru, wyvren

Region 7- Sirab
+Common Plants- tall hardwood and softwood tropical to subtropical trees
azulilo, lirio, and lotus are common flowers
+Common Insects- many varieties many being poisonus
+Common Fish/Aquatic-Snakes, alligators, lizards, and amphibians are plentiful,Such fish as piranha, catfish, and electric eels
+Common Mammals/Beasts- tapir, sloth, marsh deer, and capybara.Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and marmosets are among the many primates of the tropical forest. Guinea pigs and agouti, both common rodents, are widely hunted for food.

Arelaine Players Handbook Beasts and Fauna

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