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New World

I’ve begun the work on creating my new world for when the playtest ends and the real material comes out. I intend to take my time to build a great world for us to adventure in for many years to come. I will base this world on my own ideas but will borrow heavy from R.E. Howards Hyperboria (Conan), G.R.R Martins Westeros, The Elder Scrolls Game, and our own worlds history. The characters you currently have WILL NOT be making their way into this new realm, so lets just forget that. I think we’ll no longer make new characters in the current campaign (unless all your other ones die) lets just try to run through a bunch of adventures and you try to get your character to level 20 so that he may become a higher being in the new world, perhaps.
I’ll be posting questions for you guys on here so I can see what you want in the new world, things you like about DND, and that type of thing. Please give me feedback when I ask for it, or I might make a world that you hate before we even get started. First question- I’m aiming to have enough of it done around April or May, so we can start to play new characters in it maybe once a month or so to get a start on how the new campaign will look. Does this sound like a good idea? Or should I just keep running these one shot adventures until the new stuff is out and complete?

Almost Done!
when to play

To solve the problem of people jumping in to play at different times due to being away for work, we will play the new campaign when Cory, Travis, James, Rob, and Dana are at the table. When Kurt or Charlie or anyone else plays we’ll play the old campaign. I’m almost done getting the new campaign ready so we’ll start again as I said before the last week of January.

A Time in History
Izula Tribe

As life begins to form itself throughout the lands of the world Arelaine, humans begin to dominate the food chain as their intelligence and manipulation of tools comes to the forefront. They begin to understand nature, how to form weapons and tools from materials, and to touch on the powers of magic.
On one of the many Islands that would later be known as the Scouling Islands, a Tribe lead by a woman whom had vast powers of magic, Izula, and her mate Nar, a great warrior, lead their large tribe through the savage landscape of their island. They discovered a region where minerals could be shaped into weapons, armor, and tools. The tribe began to worship Izula for her magical powers and for putting the tribe in such a prosperous position. Izula and Nar had 3 children. A son whom followed in his fathers footsteps as a warrior, a daughter whom displayed the understanding of magic quickly and would be the next tribe mother, and another son whom also displayed some magical prowess.
As the tribe grew and prospered they where watched by another tribe from afar whom coveted their discovery of the mines and the uses it allowed the Izula tribe. This tribe was also powerful and their leaders had darker hearts. Soon they made their move on the Izula tirbe in the dark of the night and struck at their heart, the tribe Mother Izula. Izula was killed by the rival tribes lead warrior as he stole into the tent of the tribe mother and drove a spear into her heart. Chaos broke and many of the Izula tribe where killed and they where driven from their home and forced to flee to the west.
Three years have passed and now the Izula tribe is on the brink of extinction, but with the leadership of the new tribe mother Izul and the mystic powers of her mother from beyond the grave they begin to regain power, and perhaps strike back at the tribe whom took everything from them.

Izula Tribe
Thank the gods for that goat!

The tribe mother Izul and the other tribe leaders got together and selected some of the younger tribesman to help bring the tribe back from the brink of extinction. Five youths where selected as the tribes brightest warriors, and for their first task, they are to travel several days south to a swamp where a albino Vabic roams. Izul wants the hide from this beast as proof that the group is worthy to lead the tribe in the future. As heavy snows fell 3 of the group decided to wait for the weather to clear while 2 others Dar the Barbarian and the Alchemist Rogue set out on their own. These two proved great hunters as they snagged a Buck and a boar in the first 3 days. After some extreme cold and wind the two continued to journey southward and made it to a forested region where they where attacked by 3 winter wolves. The barbarian almost lost his young life if it where not for the goat that they had brought along with them distracting one of the wolves and the quick thinking Rogue, Dars adventure may have ended early. Thank the goat. Will the rest of the group catch up before Dar and the Rogue take the albino Vabic themselves?


Are we really not playing tonight? we’re not gonna let a little snow stand in our way are we? Rob and Trav both have trucks and i’ll not drink and pick people up if necessary. C’mon boys lets do this shit!

Party all Together...Not yet
Albino Vabic

albinovabic.jpgAs Rob and Travis wait for the rest of the party to catch up, James, Cory and Curt finally set out from the village southward to find the Vabic. They caught up with Rob on the edge of the forest and then made their way into the swamp. 4 Shaggoll where encountered and it was a long (very long) hit and run fight. In the end common sense prevailed and after luckily killing 2 of the giant neanderthals the party fled. It was so strange these 4 didn’t have weapons….

Hide Obtained
Level the Fuck UP

The group eventually found the Albino Vabic and skinned its hide for the Tribe Mother Izul, and the Ranger U got a chance to range with one of the village elders although he didn’t fair so well, however, that didn’t stop him from getting some attention from the tribe mother herself when he returned to the tribe. Eventually the tribe got all together and returned to their home with the albino vabic’s hide. As the Druid attempted to present the tribe mother with the hide, the brass Barbarian Dar grabbed it from him and stole the glory. This may or may not have rubbed the druid the wrong way time will tell. Now Spring is here and the young ones will be truly tested….

The Withering Turtle
Winter to Spring

As the winter turned to spring Izul gave the party a massive diamond and told them to deliver it to the ancient magician the Withering Turtle to set up trade between her and the tribe. The party did this making friends with the old crone in the process. They where then tasked to travel to the Bear Tribe’s camp and destroy them, bring back their canvases and metals to the tribe so that they may begin to build a ship which was seen in a vision by Izul and the party. On their way they were set upon by 2 Hill Giants and while it was close the party felled the massive giants in the end.

Bear Tribe
a close call

The group made its way to the Bear Tribe camp and dispite having no plan whatsoever, they began an attack. The fight went badly for the PC at first as the rouge was lynched and the druid and ranger found themselves in the middle of the camp (the ranger in an unconsious state). But the dice soon turned the groups way and they destroyed the Bear Tribe even taking 6 hostages.


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