Frozen Waste
on and on

The group continues its way north through the frozen wastes, fighting ropers and white dragons along the way, to what end though…?

Nothing but trouble
Why don't you roll the damage?

The group has found nothing but trouble in the north as they almost fell in the freezing water (a trap made by 2 frost giants) and stumble upon a nest of shaggoll lead by an ice hag. Dana ask’s why I don’t roll monster damage. The frost giants axe is 2d12+6 damage and I take a little less than that, instead of rolling all those dice.

Home Cleaning
To the NORTH

The group did some last minute house cleaning and built some stuff before taking to longships to the north (with the Bard Baelian Hella as prisoner aboard one). They where immediatley beset by three giant squid. When they arrived to the massive ice field they also found trouble with ice spiders and the old enemy shaggolls.

Damn Foreigners
Damn Ice Hags too

When the group returned from the fiasco that was Ghulgathganoon, they found that an Elk tribe member Ike had showed up and was asking the tribe for recompense from the Izula tribe because one of its members had raped a girl from the Elk tribe and had given birth to a boy. The Elk King wanted the Izula tribe to travel north and kill a dangerous Ice Hag that had come down from the north and began killing Elk tribe hunters. First the group decided they would head to their docks and deal with the foreigners that had landed a ship there. Instead of killing all the Baelians, Dar destroyed a fully armored warrior in single compat, and through the use of spells Narin charmed their leader and sent the remaining Baelians back to the tribe as prisoners. Krul sacrificed on of the 12 horses right then and there to Dagon and Clam-too joined suit by giving up an idol in sacrifice. The group took the Baelians ship and sailed up the northern coast to where the ice hag had set up a lair. They fought the powerful spell wielding hag and it was a mighty battle, but in the end the teamwork of the party was to much for the evil ice hag. Now the party plans to sail north and track down the centuries old Red Tribe leader Vig…

What is Gonna Happen
The Campaign must draw to a close

This is how we will rap up the campaign, as the game will come out in late July/Early August so I wanna try and wrap up before then…

When the party returns home after the confrontation with Ghulgathganoon, they will be presented with two choices. The first and already apparent choice will be to head north to investigate what the mysterious leader of the Red Tribe, Vig, and see what his connection with the northern legends is. The PC will have to build their own ship to travel there (or several ships) as the one ship the tribe has currently is the tribes.

Second, when the PC return home Izul will explain to them that the tribe has been visited by some strange people whom sailed to the island by mistake. They spoke a strange language and wore metal armor and weapons like it was a common occurrence to them. Using Comprehend Languages Izul communicated with these people and they explained to here that they come from the south, a land called Baely. These people are very impressed with the Izul tribes ship (there ship is large and not as fast or battle ready as the Izul ship) and want help from the Izul tribe. They want the tribe to build one or two ships and sail to a nearby land which is called Elail, that the Baelians are in the process of conquering. They need only one northern stronghold to fall on Elail to claim this land for their own. More details on this will be explained at the table.

These will be your two choices to finish the campaign and you’ll have till the game comes out to do it. I put them here now so you have some time to pick one and you must pick one of these and run with it so that we can finish up and I have a clear path to prepare for. YOU MUST PICK ONE AND TRY AND COMPLETE IT. Like I said more info on the Baelians will be presented this week at the table but you should have enough here to make a choice.

These are the 3 choices
1. Travel North to investigate Vig in the North
2. Help the Baelians conquer the island Elail
3. Travel the the coast where your ship and the Baelian ship is located and destroy the Baelians for the outlanders they are.


I wish I had A Devil....
so I could fuck him around and then watch him leave

WOW, so the group started out great, they pooled their resources and came up with some real nice questions to ask the devil ghulgathganoon when they summoned him…and then they summoned him. Narin and Dar got some real nice questions in finding out that Vig the creator of the Red Tribe has lived for at least 100 years and is trying to bring about a legend that has been around for many more years than that. Legend is that a primordial force lives beneath the ice in the north and with the right powers someone could control it and bring forth a neverending winter. Then not satisfied the always unpredictable DAR wanted more so he decided this would be the best chance to kill U2 as a sacrifice to Ghulgathganoon so that he could have his services for 24 hours. Seems DAR has the believe (with some proof) that U2 and maybe some other party members wanted him dead so he used this opportunity to strike first. In a bloody fight DAR did kill U2 and beheaded him, then the devil ate him and gave his service to DAR for 24 hours. Then the real kicker, Narin thought the devil could give them a flying ship (sure he carries one in his ass) or maybe the devil could fly them north (about 30 days as the devil flies, more sacrifices may be needed!). Finally, the druid Clam-too stuck out at the devil with a blight spell and all hell broke lose as many of the party where stricken with fear and fled. When the devil was hit by another blight spell by Narin he decided he really didn’t like that and returned to his home plane, but not before paying his debt to DAR with a diamond of cold resistance.

The Red Stone Slab
Necro Dodo

After returning home the tribe made their first sacrifice to dagon and Izul discovered the red tribe had used an artifact to summon Ghulgathganoon and the artifact was still in its original location. The group went to check it out and found it was a large stone slab with a summoning spell upon it. When the slab was touched however, the party began to have a series of visions that basically showed how the Red Tribe was formed. A man had discovered the slab many years ago and summoned Ghulgathganoon whom helped him build his tribe. The Red tribe used to make sacrifice to a large bird until one day they fought against it and killed the beast. As the visions faded the undead bird rose from the earth to fight the party, and it was more than a close call but in the end WORKING TOGETHER got the party through the fight. Now, will the PC use the slab to summon Ghulgathganoon themselves?

Red Tribe Found
more bullshit arguing

The group followed a mountain pass and found a group of red tribe. A lot of arguing over bullshit rules, the PC won, the end.


Nothing happened. The group found out Kopru are bad motherfuckers. The group (DAR) murdered 6 Neutral Fey creatures. The group intimidated with fear and violence 20 Nomads into returning to the mines.

Dagon's new followers
watch out for huge creatures that can become part of the ground while you forage

The group tried to find their way back to the surface, but on the way while the young mage Narin was foraging, he found a huge creature that blended in with the ground… and walked right on top of it. The thing grappled him (turns out you can’t cast spells without your arms being free) and thrashed him about until he died. DAR couldn’t believe his young friend had died and proclaimed that he would return to Dagon to bring him back. So indeed the group travelled 3 days back to the spot where Dagon had spoken to them, and only after DAR swore the 3 oaths of dagon did he reappear. Then Dagon demanded all of DAR and Narin’s valuables in exchange for the life of Narin. DAR gladly did this and Dagon restored the youth to life and quickly made him also swear the 3 oaths of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. With his life returned and a new faith in the god Dagon the group found their way back to the surface, but their troubles didn’t stop there. A group of 10 Shaggolls had moved in on the outside of the mine and the group barely killed them off to once again reclaim their home.



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