Red Tribe Found
more bullshit arguing

The group followed a mountain pass and found a group of red tribe. A lot of arguing over bullshit rules, the PC won, the end.


Nothing happened. The group found out Kopru are bad motherfuckers. The group (DAR) murdered 6 Neutral Fey creatures. The group intimidated with fear and violence 20 Nomads into returning to the mines.

Dagon's new followers
watch out for huge creatures that can become part of the ground while you forage

The group tried to find their way back to the surface, but on the way while the young mage Narin was foraging, he found a huge creature that blended in with the ground… and walked right on top of it. The thing grappled him (turns out you can’t cast spells without your arms being free) and thrashed him about until he died. DAR couldn’t believe his young friend had died and proclaimed that he would return to Dagon to bring him back. So indeed the group travelled 3 days back to the spot where Dagon had spoken to them, and only after DAR swore the 3 oaths of dagon did he reappear. Then Dagon demanded all of DAR and Narin’s valuables in exchange for the life of Narin. DAR gladly did this and Dagon restored the youth to life and quickly made him also swear the 3 oaths of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. With his life returned and a new faith in the god Dagon the group found their way back to the surface, but their troubles didn’t stop there. A group of 10 Shaggolls had moved in on the outside of the mine and the group barely killed them off to once again reclaim their home.


I'll kill anything but sacrifices are off limits

The group broke the mage free from the mind control of the Kopru, and cleaned up the lair of the children of dagon. They moved onward to the east and found a massive granite landing in the middle of a underground sea. Dagon appeared to the party and proclaimed he would lead the Izula Tribe to mastery of the sea if they but gave their lives to the worship of Dagon. Dagon seemingly impregnated Izul and offered his symbols and a book to the party, which Krul excepted. The rest of the group isn’t quite on board with the whole sacrificing a virginal human once a year.
The party then headed west to find their way back to the surface where they came upon the lair of a powerful demon Gholgathganoon. In a display of great magical power Izul banished the demon back to its original plan of exsistance.

The lair of the Children of Dagon
Izul can't seem to get a good spell in

WOW where to start alot happened and this was one of my favorite sessions ever! The group saw that where a chamber held a narrow passage of water. Clam-Too decided to cast waterbreathing so that the group may swim out and discover if the water lead anywhere or held treasure. The water was teaming with 5’ long eels and the Druid was bitten several times and would have sunk to his death if not for DAR and Narin swimming him to shore. When Clam-too was back on his feet he showed another great feet of magic by casting a daylight spell on his staff and the group plunged into the water to explore. The tepid waters where emense and the group decided it would be best to continue exploring on land. Meanwhile DAR didn’t think much of swimming around so he stayed ashore and talked to Izul about the strange race of amphibious humanoids.
The group headed east and discovered an elaborate ceremonial chamber where 6 Priests of the Children of Dagon where in worship. A great battle unfolded and the party was nearly killed by spells but they had mighty spells themselves and eventually defeated the powerful spellcasters.
After this great battle the party headed south and discovered a chamber with beautiful floors and decorations, 5 more Children of Dagon spellcasters and a strange aquatic creature known as a Kopur fought the party. Narin the boy spellcaster was dominated mentally by the Kopru and is now its prisoner as the rest of the party fell back and are now protected by Izuls Wall of Fire spell.

Travel the Underdark
Izul is a bitch

Well it has been confirmed Izul is a bitch… But she is the leader and she says a deity is sending out power form the east of the underdark and she wants to find out what its about. The PC discovered a cavren and it was loaded with the reptilian/fish humanoids. They have a very good sense of technology as far as humanoids that live in the underground go.

The Underdark
Dana wants to know what the fuck is going on with these creatures

The group continued exploring the mines and ran into a bit of trouble. First a large group of reptilian humanoids was waiting to ambush them and 2 where spellcasters. Communication with them was impossible because Dar was the spokesman! In the chambers that followed where 10 Red Tribe Wights whom Izul all but neutralized with the skull of Izula until the party broke formation, and oh yeah Narin just happened to stumble upon 3 Otyugh right in the middle of things. U2 was having a hard job trying to figure out why the creatures seemed to be so smart and had the sense to drop their weapons at some points and pick them up at other points. After all that being said, the group managed to get out of a very dangerous situation but not before pissing of Izul… again.
Izul found a crack in the mine that had 3 rope ladders that lead straight down into the earth for over 200 feet and climbing down seemed like a better idea than having to spend another minute with her disfunctional tribesman, so down she went. But like sick puppies they followed her down so she had no choice but to let them tag along. (LOL). Izul used her mothers skull to divine what was going on with this underground world and the advice of her spiritual mother was to head east to a great celestial power. The group then began to journey east into the unknowns of the underdark.

Into the Mines
slow go

The group headed into the mines and made little progress. It was discovered that Izul (Jeff the DM) is not the greatest in combat. Other than that… not much happened.

New Tribe Leader
something wrong with home

A lot happened this week
Jeff dropped beer then placed it upside down and it leaked out on the floor
Jeff mysteriously cut himself!?!
Jeff yelled a lot at the PC

After one year and 3 months of ship building Izul called the tribe leaders into her tent to present her plan to destroy the Red Tribe. Bak the Savage disagreed with the plan to kill the Red Tribes leader Ulack and he and Nar fought for leadership of the tribe. Ultimatley Nar won but it was close and it was decided the plan would proceed as planned. Nar, Musvy, Aki, Izul and the PC set sail on the route that U2 had mapped out and arrived a few days away from the Izula Tribe mines. Izul and the PC proceeded to sneak into the camp and kill the leader but when they arrived the Red Tribe was gone…. in their place strange white skinned undead poured fourth from the mines to attack the very unstealthy PC. The PC won out but they are badly hurting and may have a hard time moving on.

DM apologizes for not letting the Fog Cloud situation play itself out a little better (special apology to Dana, as I look back I should have handled that situation better), I should let you guys do what you want when you want instead of forcing your hands!

the new kid

the group recruited U’s brother U2 and gave him the task of mapmaking as they moved along the coast. He did an excellent job and all was well until the group came upon 3 malformed giants that carried 15 ft long flails and dressed in whoolly rhino furs. The fight was close but in the end the group barely prevailed. They are now only a day or two away from the other group.


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