New World

I’ve begun the work on creating my new world for when the playtest ends and the real material comes out. I intend to take my time to build a great world for us to adventure in for many years to come. I will base this world on my own ideas but will borrow heavy from R.E. Howards Hyperboria (Conan), G.R.R Martins Westeros, The Elder Scrolls Game, and our own worlds history. The characters you currently have WILL NOT be making their way into this new realm, so lets just forget that. I think we’ll no longer make new characters in the current campaign (unless all your other ones die) lets just try to run through a bunch of adventures and you try to get your character to level 20 so that he may become a higher being in the new world, perhaps.
I’ll be posting questions for you guys on here so I can see what you want in the new world, things you like about DND, and that type of thing. Please give me feedback when I ask for it, or I might make a world that you hate before we even get started. First question- I’m aiming to have enough of it done around April or May, so we can start to play new characters in it maybe once a month or so to get a start on how the new campaign will look. Does this sound like a good idea? Or should I just keep running these one shot adventures until the new stuff is out and complete?

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