Lotus Flower

a durable flower that grows in any climate


plant that creates poison
5 flowers make one vial of poison
Pink creates a basic poison as in the equipment guide/ roll d10 or # of flowers
Green creates a DC 12 CON save poison that does 1d6 poison damage to a weapon (see equipment guide) roll d8 for # of flowers
Black creates a DC 15 CON save poison that knocks unconsious for 1 minute regardless of pass or fail but fail = 3 death saves unless treated or pass those saves die/ injesting means a DC 15 CON save pass unconcious 1 minute Fail is auto death/ roll d4 for # of flowers
5 steams ground into powder used in Cause Fear Spell
comes in various colors and grows in almost any climate
a wide flower with white pedals and the middle has any color from pink to green
a paste from a single flower used in detect poison and disease
some are more potent poisons than others


Lotus Flower

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