Orcae Whale

-a gray killer whale


Orcae Whale
lung is used in water breathing spell
teeth used in speak with dead spell
Size Gargantuan Beast
AC 13
HP 115 (10d12+ 50)
Speed Swim 80 ft Senses Darkvision 120 ft
STR 24+7 DEX 15+2 CON 20+5 INT 3-4 WIS 13+1 CHA6-2
Align none
Lang none
Traits Aquatic- being underwater imposes no combat penalties breath CON modifier x2 in minutes underwater
Actions Bite 7 to hit 25 (4d87) pierce damage Hit means target is grappled
Tail + 7 to hit (10 ft reach) 11 (1d8+7) bludgeon damage
LEVEL 7 XP 1250


- feed on fish or sea mammals, travel in families of 2-6
- their hunting techniques resemble that of wolves and other pack animals -20-30 ft long and up to 7 tons

Orcae Whale

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