-small wolf like canine that can travel in very large packs like wolves or alone like coyote



Size Medium Beast
AC 11/ 12
HP 5 (1d8+1)/ 11(2d8+2)
Speed 40 ft / 50 ft Senses Low light
STR12+1/13 DEX13+1/15+2 CON 13+1 INT3-4 WIS 12+1 CHA6-2
Align none
Lang none
Traits keen senses 5 to detect hidden creatures
Pack tactics +1 to attack rolls (max +5) for every friendly within 5 ft
Actions Bite +3 to hit 1d4
1 if deals 4 damage or more target is knocked prone/ Bite +4 to hit 1d6 +1
LEVEL 1/2 XP20/40


Tough and resourceful these beasts can travel in huge packs, or sometimes can be found alone. They vary in size form a small dog to the size of a wolf. Some tribes of the Scouling Island worship them, while others see them as no more than a nuisance.


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