Izul "Tribe Mother"

5'3" 110 lbs dark skin, long brown dreadlocked hair


Izul covers her face with mud and the blood from animals in tribal designs of her own design. She wears animal hides around her head and waist leaving her chest and legs bare, unless warmth is needed in the colder months. When her body is exposed she covers her legs and torso in tribal designs made from ashes .


izul2.jpgIzul is the daughter of the former tribe mother Izula and is now the leader of her tribe. Her magical abilities were passed down and taught to her by her mother. As a young girl, her use of magic was rivaled only by her mother, and the tribe where in awe of her at a young age. When her mother died, she used her skull as a divination device and her bones are now used as holy symbols of the clerics and druids of the tribe.

Izul "Tribe Mother"

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