Giant Snapping Turtle

a large turtle that can grow very large indeed


Turtle Giant Snapping
beak used in plant growth spell
Size large beast
AC 15
HP 55 (10d10)
Speed 10ft Swim 20 ft Senses darkvision 30 ft
STR 17+3 DEX 4-3 CON 10 INT 1-5 WIS9-1 CHA3-4
Align none
Lang none
Traits -Hold Breath can hold breath ten times normal
-Shell can use action to go inside or come out of shell. When in shell has three-quarters cover
Actions Bite 6 to hit (10 ft reach) 17 (4d63) pierce damage
LEVEL 5 XP 350


these beast can grow so large that their shells can actually be used as shields.

Giant Snapping Turtle

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