What is Gonna Happen

The Campaign must draw to a close

This is how we will rap up the campaign, as the game will come out in late July/Early August so I wanna try and wrap up before then…

When the party returns home after the confrontation with Ghulgathganoon, they will be presented with two choices. The first and already apparent choice will be to head north to investigate what the mysterious leader of the Red Tribe, Vig, and see what his connection with the northern legends is. The PC will have to build their own ship to travel there (or several ships) as the one ship the tribe has currently is the tribes.

Second, when the PC return home Izul will explain to them that the tribe has been visited by some strange people whom sailed to the island by mistake. They spoke a strange language and wore metal armor and weapons like it was a common occurrence to them. Using Comprehend Languages Izul communicated with these people and they explained to here that they come from the south, a land called Baely. These people are very impressed with the Izul tribes ship (there ship is large and not as fast or battle ready as the Izul ship) and want help from the Izul tribe. They want the tribe to build one or two ships and sail to a nearby land which is called Elail, that the Baelians are in the process of conquering. They need only one northern stronghold to fall on Elail to claim this land for their own. More details on this will be explained at the table.

These will be your two choices to finish the campaign and you’ll have till the game comes out to do it. I put them here now so you have some time to pick one and you must pick one of these and run with it so that we can finish up and I have a clear path to prepare for. YOU MUST PICK ONE AND TRY AND COMPLETE IT. Like I said more info on the Baelians will be presented this week at the table but you should have enough here to make a choice.

These are the 3 choices
1. Travel North to investigate Vig in the North
2. Help the Baelians conquer the island Elail
3. Travel the the coast where your ship and the Baelian ship is located and destroy the Baelians for the outlanders they are.



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