Izula Tribe

Thank the gods for that goat!

The tribe mother Izul and the other tribe leaders got together and selected some of the younger tribesman to help bring the tribe back from the brink of extinction. Five youths where selected as the tribes brightest warriors, and for their first task, they are to travel several days south to a swamp where a albino Vabic roams. Izul wants the hide from this beast as proof that the group is worthy to lead the tribe in the future. As heavy snows fell 3 of the group decided to wait for the weather to clear while 2 others Dar the Barbarian and the Alchemist Rogue set out on their own. These two proved great hunters as they snagged a Buck and a boar in the first 3 days. After some extreme cold and wind the two continued to journey southward and made it to a forested region where they where attacked by 3 winter wolves. The barbarian almost lost his young life if it where not for the goat that they had brought along with them distracting one of the wolves and the quick thinking Rogue, Dars adventure may have ended early. Thank the goat. Will the rest of the group catch up before Dar and the Rogue take the albino Vabic themselves?


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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