I wish I had A Devil....

so I could fuck him around and then watch him leave

WOW, so the group started out great, they pooled their resources and came up with some real nice questions to ask the devil ghulgathganoon when they summoned him…and then they summoned him. Narin and Dar got some real nice questions in finding out that Vig the creator of the Red Tribe has lived for at least 100 years and is trying to bring about a legend that has been around for many more years than that. Legend is that a primordial force lives beneath the ice in the north and with the right powers someone could control it and bring forth a neverending winter. Then not satisfied the always unpredictable DAR wanted more so he decided this would be the best chance to kill U2 as a sacrifice to Ghulgathganoon so that he could have his services for 24 hours. Seems DAR has the believe (with some proof) that U2 and maybe some other party members wanted him dead so he used this opportunity to strike first. In a bloody fight DAR did kill U2 and beheaded him, then the devil ate him and gave his service to DAR for 24 hours. Then the real kicker, Narin thought the devil could give them a flying ship (sure he carries one in his ass) or maybe the devil could fly them north (about 30 days as the devil flies, more sacrifices may be needed!). Finally, the druid Clam-too stuck out at the devil with a blight spell and all hell broke lose as many of the party where stricken with fear and fled. When the devil was hit by another blight spell by Narin he decided he really didn’t like that and returned to his home plane, but not before paying his debt to DAR with a diamond of cold resistance.


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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