Damn Foreigners

Damn Ice Hags too

When the group returned from the fiasco that was Ghulgathganoon, they found that an Elk tribe member Ike had showed up and was asking the tribe for recompense from the Izula tribe because one of its members had raped a girl from the Elk tribe and had given birth to a boy. The Elk King wanted the Izula tribe to travel north and kill a dangerous Ice Hag that had come down from the north and began killing Elk tribe hunters. First the group decided they would head to their docks and deal with the foreigners that had landed a ship there. Instead of killing all the Baelians, Dar destroyed a fully armored warrior in single compat, and through the use of spells Narin charmed their leader and sent the remaining Baelians back to the tribe as prisoners. Krul sacrificed on of the 12 horses right then and there to Dagon and Clam-too joined suit by giving up an idol in sacrifice. The group took the Baelians ship and sailed up the northern coast to where the ice hag had set up a lair. They fought the powerful spell wielding hag and it was a mighty battle, but in the end the teamwork of the party was to much for the evil ice hag. Now the party plans to sail north and track down the centuries old Red Tribe leader Vig…


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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