A Time in History

Izula Tribe

As life begins to form itself throughout the lands of the world Arelaine, humans begin to dominate the food chain as their intelligence and manipulation of tools comes to the forefront. They begin to understand nature, how to form weapons and tools from materials, and to touch on the powers of magic.
On one of the many Islands that would later be known as the Scouling Islands, a Tribe lead by a woman whom had vast powers of magic, Izula, and her mate Nar, a great warrior, lead their large tribe through the savage landscape of their island. They discovered a region where minerals could be shaped into weapons, armor, and tools. The tribe began to worship Izula for her magical powers and for putting the tribe in such a prosperous position. Izula and Nar had 3 children. A son whom followed in his fathers footsteps as a warrior, a daughter whom displayed the understanding of magic quickly and would be the next tribe mother, and another son whom also displayed some magical prowess.
As the tribe grew and prospered they where watched by another tribe from afar whom coveted their discovery of the mines and the uses it allowed the Izula tribe. This tribe was also powerful and their leaders had darker hearts. Soon they made their move on the Izula tirbe in the dark of the night and struck at their heart, the tribe Mother Izula. Izula was killed by the rival tribes lead warrior as he stole into the tent of the tribe mother and drove a spear into her heart. Chaos broke and many of the Izula tribe where killed and they where driven from their home and forced to flee to the west.
Three years have passed and now the Izula tribe is on the brink of extinction, but with the leadership of the new tribe mother Izul and the mystic powers of her mother from beyond the grave they begin to regain power, and perhaps strike back at the tribe whom took everything from them.


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